As we near the holiday season, we’re reminded of the traditions that bring us joy and comfort: hanging ornaments from the Christmas tree, lighting the menorah, and having intimate conversations with our loved ones. But what would the holidays be without last-minute activities like gift shopping, wrapping, and party planning? Especially now as we continue to work from home, you might find yourself searching for a way to celebrate the holiday spirit with your colleagues and workmates in a way that doesn’t require too much work. …

Individual and institutional changes to promote equality in your work environment

Diversity and Inclusion is a factor that many job seekers highly prioritize when looking for a career change. According to Glassdoor, two-thirds of active and passive job seekers believed that diversity and inclusion was a top factor for evaluating companies. Incorporating strategies that promote diversity and inclusion in your organization improves self-worth, trust in upper management, and amplifies the voices of people of color and women. Additionally, these inclusive initiatives have been found to increase innovation, revenue, and market share. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that innovation revenue increased by an average of 19% in companies with above average…

“How am I going to be certain that my team actually pays attention, instead of dismissing it as just another corporate mandate or Zoom call?” — Every remote sales leader

In the age of COVID-19, remote training is king. Although remote training has its perks, training your sales staff requires high levels of engagement and face-to-face conversations, which are much harder to execute over a Zoom call. Since you can’t read your audience when they may not even have their cameras on, it can be quite difficult to know that your team is fully engaged. …

Kobi Bhattacharyya

Passionate for ethical technology, shame-resilient leadership, self-growth, and exploring our beautiful home 🌎

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